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WILDS of Manitoba



2024 04 11



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Stained Glass Window Image



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WILDS Of Manitoba









Winnipeg is located within Treaty No. 1 Territory, the traditional lands of the Anishinabe (Ojibway), Ininew (Cree), Oji-Cree, Dene, and Dakota, and is the Birthplace of the Métis Nation and the Heart of the Métis Nation Homeland. Winnipeg's water comes from the territory of Shoal Lake First Nation.



Wilds of Manitoba and it's events are safe for
BIPOC and 2SLGBTQQIA+ persons.



WILDS of Manitoba (WILDS) has created, hosted and managed simple, cost effective internet web sites for organizations related to wilderness in Manitoba and Canada.

WILDS has also created, designed and hosted web sites for other organizations and businesses.

WILDS is a solely-owned, non-profit organization.

WILDS offers Paddle Canada certified courses, workshops and clinics for Lake Water Canoeing Tandem or Solo from Waterfront/Basic to Advanced skills. Mushroom, plant, ethnobotany and ethnomycology workshops and forays are also organized for associations and privately upon request.

WILDS created and hosted, for many years, since inauguration of the WWW, the original official websites for the following entities:

WILDS created and continues to host, since inauguration of the WWW, the original official websites for:

The WOMB web page was conceived from the acronym of Wilds Of ManitoBa. It remembers and pays homage to people and things that are dearest to me, family and friends who have passed before me. Especially my parents, Richard and Alice Kolisnyk. The WOMB page is my womb, so it is pink, as it should be.



The name "WILDS of Manitoba" was chosen as an all encompassing name for this website's diverse wilderness information.

This is not a "wild" website and contains no illicit information or foul language.

The business is registered with the Province of Manitoba Companies Office.

WILDS websites are SSL (Secure Socket Layer) secure and minimize use of JAVA, frames, cookies, style sheets, etc. Simple HTML (Hyper-Text Markup Language) coding makes the information available to many web trippers who do not have access to high-speed data links, fast computers or the latest web browsers or mobile devices.

Those who have access to the latest technologies will find WILDS pages appear very quickly on their computer or mobile device displays.

Some of the web pages include many photos and may take time to download on some browsers or via slower internet data links.



Bison Skull Image The skull image tiling the background of this web site was digitally rendered from a 5000 year old prairie bison skull a friend found in the Assiniboine River, Manitoba.

The bison is Manitoba's provincial animal and was a source of spiritual power and essential sustenance for the Plains Indians.

North American governments nearly exterminated bison in the 1800s, causing unnecessary suffering and sublimation of Indigenous peoples who existed in harmony with bison and other wildlife.

Manitoba's endangered wilderness and wildlife is herein represented by this icon, of which the skull image is adopted by WILDS of Manitoba as its logo, in reverence of the strength, perserverance and endurance of this mighty creature.

Indigenous Land Acknowledgements provided on WILDS Of Manitoba web pages (such as at the top of this page) are my small attempt at reconciliation and to pay respect to and acknowledge the devastation that French, English and other Europeans brought upon Indigenous peoples who called Canada, Manitoba and Winnipeg home.

I acknowledge and pay respect to Indigenous Elders who have shared with me their Indigenous teachings; I am truly honoured to share these teachings back to Indigenous persons and communities when requested, and to others willing to learn, always honouring the sources of the information and their spirit energies.

I acknowledge the following Elders for their teachings: Audrey Bone, Stella Blackbird, Gerry Mason, Dorothy Ann Crate, Betty Murdock, Bob Crate, Graham Smith, Vincent Crate, Carl Cochrane, Cindy Garson, Keith Sinclair, Alvin Amos, Ronnie Sinclair, Albert McLeod, Mae Louise Campbell, Jamie Fortier, Michelle Shephard, Ollie Zirka. I also acknowledge the following knowledge keepers I have learned from: Dr. Shirley Thompson, Dr. Shailesh Shukla, Dr. David Punter, Chad Cornell and numerous university professors, college instructors, medical doctors, nurse practitioners and nurses. Most importantly I thank my parents, Richard and Alice Kolisnyk, siblings and other family for their love, encouragement and support throughout my life.

Medicines and teachings now arise from within me, a mixture of various ethnobotanical and western medicinal knowledge. I am learning to listen for and heed songs from other beings such as animals, birds, trees, plants, lichen and fungi; they are singing to me for reasons I am yet learning and may never fully know or understand.



The stained glass window image in the left border depicts sun / sky / birds / shield rock / lake / river / canoe on shore was conceptualized by Donna Kurt and crafted by artist, canoeist, handyman and friend Lee Paulson.



WILDS Of Manitoba owner and web author Donna R Kurt can be reached at dkurt at wilds.mb.ca and is interested in:

  • wilderness and nature
  • Moving Water (whitewater) canoeing
  • Lake Water canoeing and kayaking
  • instructing Lake Water canoeing, solo, tandem, novice to advanced
  • instructing canoe trip leaders, novice to expedition
  • steering dragon boats
  • canoe poling and big canoes
  • coastal and inland paddling
  • paddling in Australia and other countries
  • snowshoeing
  • walking
  • biking
  • hiking and backpacking
  • hiking and backpacking
  • wilderness camping
  • sharing knowledge about mushrooms, plants, lichens, mosses and their relations with humans (ethnobotany, ethnomycology) and other beings
  • mushroom and plant forays and workshops
  • growing mushrooms in logs, gardens, natural environments
  • gardening and International Permaculture Design (certified)
  • botany of Manitoba and algae, fungi and mosses
  • aquatic and forest ecology
  • studying biology, Indigenous studies at University
  • physics, astronomy, time and synchronization
  • dogs and pets
  • web site development
  • photography and film making
  • medicine, healthy living, CBTm
  • traveling, sight-seeing
  • fine cuisine, cooking, baking
  • woodwork, metal work, building and fixing things
  • security work, hoping to make life safer for others
  • music, listening and creating
  • drawing, sketching, painting
  • reading and reviewing books, documentaries, movies
  • relaxing (yes), Taiji, Qigong, meditation
  • spending time with various communities, friends and family
  • and other diverse activities!

So come back to find new pages and updates on these and other topics.



Professional affiliations, certifications:

  • Alberta Mycological Society, Member
  • Bell MTS Retirees, Volunteer
  • Certified Technicians and Technologists Association of Manitoba, CET
  • Crisis Prevention Institute Non-Violent Crisis Intervention
  • FoodSafe Manitoba, Manitoba Food Handlers Certificate
  • IEEE/ATIS Workshop on Synchronization and Timing Systems, Steering Committee Member
  • International Permaculture Design Certificate
  • Manitoba Association of Retired Government Employees, Member
  • Manitoba Licenced Security Guard
  • Manitoba Smart Choices Responsible Service Certification
  • Manitoba Telecommunications Services, Planning and Standards Engineering Retiree
  • Nature Manitoba, Life Member, Grey Hares Member, Mantario Specialty Leader
  • North American Mycological Association, Member
  • Paddle Canada, Certified Lake Water Canoe and Leadership Camping Instructor
  • Paddle Manitoba, Life Member
  • Sirius MEDx, Wilderness First Aid CPR/AED Level A+
  • The Herb Society of Manitoba, Member
  • The Wildlife Society, Member
  • University of Winnipeg, Student
  • Winnipeg Folk Festival, Security Folk
  • Wilderness Canoe Association, Member