2007 Eighteenth Annual

Thanksgiving Mantario Canoe Trip

aka What's da Buzzz???

2007 October 5-8




Paddled on 6 lakes a total of 18 km each way:
Big Whiteshell Lake, Ritchey Lake,
One Lake, Two Lake, Three Lake, Mantario Lake.

The five portages, totalling 4 km, were even more challenging this year as the result of rainfall all weekend and a downpour all day Monday while we were paddling and portaging out!



Participants: Lorne, Ken, Marlene,
Cheri, Murray, Ed, Lorraine.
Volunteer leader and organizer: Donna Kurt



Participate in the trip by viewing this slideshow movie:
Mantario 2007 Thanksgiving
Canoe Trip Movie

"Lorne" Photo © 2007 Donna Kurt
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This was the first trip to Mantario for Lorraine, while being a repeat Mantario Thanksgiving Canoe trip for Murray, Marlene, Lorne, Ken, Ed, Donna and Cheri. Lorraine was in "good" hands, although her feet got stuck in mud holes a couple times, pulling her down to her knees. The heavy pack didn't help, I guess.

It was cool and the wind was in our face on Friday during the trip to the cabin, drizzling slightly as we arrived at the cabin. At the Two Lake portage, Ken asked what was making a strange noise; I could hear a train far off in the distance (CP/CN lines run through the south central part of Whiteshell Park) and thought that was what he was referring to and told him so. However, at the start of the up and over, he pointed to his seal pack portage pack which was making a very noticeable buzzing sound; we suggested that it was obviously something battery driven and might wear out so he opened the pack and dug around (you know, diving headfirst into the pack); finally he pulled out his electric (!) toothbrush. The toothbrush had a remarkable shape and at the cabin became the centre of puns towards Ken.

As usual, we ate a lot, enjoyed the sauna, ate a lot, enjoyed the sauna, ate a lot .... Lorne worked and worked on the woodpile for winter skiers and some of us helped him haul a few logs to cut; Cheri and Marlene hiked the granite ridges and got some very nice photos of migrating birds, a pair of white swans. Marlene demonstrated her fantastic baking skills producing two dozen cinnamon buns and very good bread; nice vegan buns, Marlene! Donna paddled with Murray, Ed and Lorraine to hike the Spyder Lake portage and found lobster mushrooms, an annual highlight, as well as some other curious fungi species (check out the movie).

Monday was cool and wet, it was drizzling when we woke and turned into a constant rain with a slight wind from the southeast; so when we left we had more clothes on us than was in our backpacks, with neoprene covering our hands and feet, and layers of fleece and nylon or goretex. The first portage was lovely, as it meant walking through the flooded portage in midcalf water where it was too shallow to paddle, and to haul our canoes over the trees the beavers had decided to harvest and which blocked easier passage. We managed to paddle out in about 4.5 hours, the fastest I have ever travelled to or from Mantario! Most of the group simply found that we cooled off too much if we went slowly. The group splintered, due to putting Lorne and Ken together, two aerobic motors, who were followed closely by Cheri and Marlene. Ed, Lorraine, Murray and I paddled at a more leisurely pace, but caught up with the speedsters on the last portage from Ritchie Lake to Big Whiteshell Lake, which was the wettest I have ever seen it; although it was not too bad, once you committed to walking through mid-calf deep mud and water on the trail.

The bald eagle that always oversees our crossing of Big Whiteshell Lake watched our egress on Ritchie Lake instead of Big Whiteshell Lake this year.

Until next year, safe paddling!



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