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WILDS of Manitoba



2015 July 20

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WILDS Of Manitoba

Welcome! You will find wilderness related information such as:

  • Clarence Tillenius, famous wildlife artist, official website and Memorial page for Clarence Tillenius
  • Taiga Biological Station, boreal forest research, official website and Memorial page for Dr. William O. Pruitt
  • Paddle Canada certified instruction of canoe paddling courses for those who want to best learn how to paddle a canoe in North Winnipeg, Manitoba and yonder
  • Wilderness canoe trip stories, photos, and movies
  • Explore wilderness links and links of other interests
  • Enter WOMB for family and friends memorials and births
  • Sample recipes in the kitchen or on the trail
  • A page and videos about a 93 year old canoeist, my Mom!
  • A free downloadable course presentation about mushrooms
  • Information about Mycelium Canoeing, a mushroom training specialty week at Mantario
  • A story about a solo canoe trip on the Manigotagan River

Canoeing Courses
Learn to paddle your own canoe!

Clarence Tillenius
Wildlife artist extraordinaire, in memory of Clarence Tillenius

Taiga Biological Station
Boreal forest research, in memory of Dr. William O. Pruitt

Richard Kolisnyk Memorial
November 13, 1927 to June 9, 2006

Nonagenarian Canoeist
February 24, 2015 awarded Winner
Best Inspirational Category
2015 Water Walker Film Festival
new Octogenarian Canoeist 2006 video
and Octogenarian Canoeist 2008 video.

Discovering Mushrooms Presentation
Presentation Download (115 MB PDF)
Updated 2015 April 17
Donna Kurt presented this workshop at McNally Robinson Books
on 2015 April 17

Mycelium Canoeing
A 5 day specialty program about mushrooms, fungi, canoeing, nature, qigong and meditation
to be held at the Mantario Wilderness Education Centre
2015 August 24 to 28 (date has changed from August 17 to 21)

wo man i got agan
This is a story about a solo canoe trip on the Manigotagan River in 2010.

YouTube Channel